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Delphis Eco Multi-Purpose Descaler 350ml

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PROFESSIONAL QUALITY DELPHIS ECO MULTI PURPOSE DESCALER restores appliances by removing limescale from kettles, irons, dishwashers, coffee makers, taps, shower heads and more.

THIS PLANT BASED, vegan friendly, multi use descaler is a highly effective non-toxic limescale remover which has low foaming, rapid action, effective in both hard and soft water areas. You can remove limescale and keep water marks away using this eco descaler throughout your kitchen and bathroom.

IT’S EASY TO USE, fill your kettle, iron or coffee machine with descaler and water, leave it for a few minutes or until the scale dissolves. Scrub if required to remove heavy deposits. Rinse thoroughly and allow to dry. Avoid use on sensitive metals and natural stones, such as marble. Please always check the cleaning instructions of your appliance before using a descaler product.

IDEAL FOR USE as an everyday eco limescale remover for kettles, irons, coffee machines and descaling dishwashers. This also works great as a shower head descaler and limescale remover for taps.

THE DELPHIS ECO MULTI PURPOSE DESCALER is made from highly biodegradable, renewable and sustainable ingredients, and is free from Mineral Acids, Enzymes, Formaldehyde, VOCs, and APEs. Plus, it’s also phosphate and phosphonate free for your total peace of mind. Delphis Eco products are packaged in bottles made from 100% recycled plastic and are fully recyclable.
Loved by Professionals, Approved by the Planet, 100% Made in Britain, Vegan Friendly, Natural Plant Based Cleaning Product, Ethical & Eco Friendly Sustainable Cleaning, Highly Biodegradable Ingredients, B Corp Certified, Never Tested on Animals, Pet Safe, 100% Recycled & Recyclable Plastic Bottle Packaging.