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Biodegradable Silk Dental Floss

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This natural silk dental floss comes in a super-cute reusable/ recyclable glass bottle with a metal lid (which integrates the floss cutter). 30metres long, it is coated in minty candela wax which is plant based with zero plastic in sight. 

Dental floss is notorious for being the most plasticky item in your bathroom cabinet. Often made from Nylon or Teflon, and generally packaged in a Polypropylene box, it is hugely problematic for the marine environment because it tangles and wraps itself around marine life. (On which topic, never chuck any dental floss (even ours) down the loo because it can catch in pipes and cause blockages. Our silk dental floss will biodegrade over time and disappear to absolutely nothing, but not quickly enough to save your bathroom piping!

The glass bottle is reusable and we sell refills of the floss for just this reason! The refill silk spools come in a compostable cornstarch bag. 


This silk dental floss comes in a vegan friendly compostable or recyclable cardboard box, with no plastic windows or coatings.